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Greenbone OS

The Greenbone OS (GOS) equips the Greenbone Security Manager appliances with a comprehensive and powerful basis.

The main elements of Greenbone OS are the base operating system, a administrative interface and the scan applications.

Depending on the GSM product, varying hardware-specific features are supported. All of the following features are supported for each of the GSM products, unless indiciated to work only for specific ones.

Supported standards

  • Network integration: SMTP (Email), SNMP, SysLog, LDAP, NTP, DHCP, IPv4/IPv6
  • Vulnerability detection: CVE, CPE, CVSS, OVAL
  • Network scans: WMI, LDAP, HTTP, SMB, SSH, TCP, UDP, ...
  • Policies: IT-Grundschutz, PCI DSS, ISO 27001

Web-based interface (HTTPS)

  • Scan tasks management with notes and false-positive marking
  • Multi-user support
  • Clustered and distributed scanning via master-slave mode
  • Report browsing aided by filtering, sorting, annotating and risk scoring
  • Plugin framework for reports: XML, PDF, ...
  • Appliance performance overview

Integration (API)

  • OpenVAS Management Protocol (OMP), SSL-secured
  • All user actions of web-based interface available via API
  • Easy integration with other applications using the API
  • Simple automation via command line tools (CLI)

Administrative console interface

(available as shell via SSHv2 or RS232)

  • Network integration configuration
  • Backup, Restore, Snapshot, Factory Reset, Update

Scan applications

(approved and customized versions)