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Greenbone OS: Roadmap

Please note that the feature list remains subject to change.

New and improved feature for already published releases are provided as Patch Level Upgrades and are documented in detail here: Greenbone OS: Current

There are four phases for upcoming releases: "Planning", "Development", "Alpha" and "Beta".

The items marked with (*) will change the default behaviour.

Greenbone OS 4.0 (ca. Q3/2015)

Lifecycle Phase: Development

  • Entirely updated base system.

    • Updates for all components.

    • Consistent use of LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for all appliances. This increases comfort for upgrade/backup/rollback.

    • Consistent 64bit Architektur for all appliances und VMs.

  • Integrated full-featured database management system (DBMS) as backend.

  • New: Builtin CVE scanner. The prognosis san is now a scanner that can be selected for a task among other scanners. All methods for tasks can thus now also be applied to CVE scans (the prognosis scans).