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Greenbone OS: Roadmap

Please note that the feature list remains subject to change.

New and improved feature for already published releases are provided as Patch Level Upgrades and are documented in detail here: Greenbone OS: Current

There are four phases for upcoming releases: "Planning", "Development", "Alpha" and "Beta".

The items marked with (*) will change the default behaviour.

Greenbone OS 3.1 (Q4/2014)

Lifecycle Phase: Beta

  • New: Dynamic charts "bar-chart", "donut" "lines" and "bubbles" for SecInfo Management of the web interface. For each object types, two chart types can be selected. Each chart can be detached into a window of its own, the underlying data can be exported in CSV format or opened as HTML table, the SVG representation can be opened in the browser or be exported.

  • New: Dashboard overview for SecInfo Management of the web interface. It consists of 4 charts which can each be individually selected by type and combined with a powerfilter. The configuration is persistent for each user.

  • New: Dynamic diagrams for tasks analog to SecInfo Management.

  • New section "Results" under menu "Scan Management". This section offers a object management for all of the scan results in the database a user has permission for. In other words, searching and filtering for results is now possible independent of a scan report.

  • New: SecInfo object type "CERT-Bund" which are the advisories published by the German federal CERT.

  • New: Configuration type "Scanner" allows to configure additional scanners of type OpenVAS (the default and pre-configured one) or OSP-based scanners. OSP stands for OpenVAS Scanner Protocol which can be used to wrap up arbitrary scanners with a generic interface to be handled generically for the vulnerability management.

    The task management is extended with scanner-type dependent alternatives.

    These features prepare the integration of OSP scanners. Any default settings and behaviour remains like in the previous Greenbone OS release. OSP is entirely optional.

  • New: Option for anonymous guest access. Apart from the new role "Guest" which is similar to role "Info" allowing access only to the SecInfo section, there is now the opportunity in gos-admin-menu to enable access for guests. This makes it also possible to use static URLs to link into certain views in the SecInfo section.

  • New: Role "Monitor" that allows access to the performance data of the GSM.

  • New: Role "Super Admin" that allows access to all objects of all users.

  • New: The filenames for Downloads can now be configured via "My Settings".

  • Tasks: The dialog for setting permissions is re-worked.

  • Timezones: The configuration of timezones was changed so that now there is offered a drop down list of available timezones instead of a entry field for specifying the timezone in text form.

  • (*) Users are now allowed to have multiple simultaneous sessions, as long as the sessions are on different browsers. Upto GOS 3.0, a second session always invalidated the previous one regardless of which browser is used.

  • For any web interface page, the duration of the backend operation will be shown at the bottom.

  • (*) Credentials: The public key of SSH credentials is not required anymore because it is extracted from the private key.

  • Credentials/Targets: Credentials fpr ESXi target systems can now be configured directly with the Target object instead of in the Scan ConZugangsdaten für ESXi Zielsysteme können nun direkt beim Ziel afiguration object.

  • New: Statistics module at OMP level represented by the command "GET_AGGREGATES" which is also the foundation for charts.

  • (*) When a task is requested to stop, the scanner will now be advised to switch immediately into the final phase of scanning. With GOS 3.0 the scanner immediately stopped activity and did not return so far collected host details. With GOS 3.1 this is now transferred to the the database.

  • New internal inter-process communication of scanner.

  • Memory consumption of scanners reduced by 50%.

  • (*) Dropped support for pausing of tasks (OMP).

  • (*) Dropped support of outdated "openvasrc" Format (OMP).

Greenbone OS 4.0 (ca. Q2/2015)

Lifecycle Phase: Planning

  • Entirely updated base system.

    • Updates for all components.

    • Consistent use of LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for all appliances. This increases comfort for upgrade/backup/rollback.

    • Consistent 64bit Architektur for all appliances und VMs.

  • Integrated full-featured database management system (DBMS) as backend.