The GMSP beta phase has ended:

We thank you for your participation in the beta phase, which has now been completed since March 31, 2020.
We were able to gain valuable experience resulting in a successful product launch of the platform on April 1, 2020.

For further information on the final product please click here.

Test the new SaaS platform
before the official release

Greenbone Managed Service Platform

We are providing selected participants with our new Security-as-a-Service platform to obtain user feedback even before the official release. You can try out its features and service by joining our beta program.
Important: Please note that this platform may have less features than later official releases. In addition, bugs may occur or some functions may have errors in use.

Experience the beta version of the platform

For our new service platform, we are looking for beta testers to evaluate our new product, report bugs and make suggestions for improvement – to make our platform better.

Benefits for the beta testers:

  • Free test phase
  • Continuous involvement in the process of improvement
  • News at first hand

To use and test the beta version of our platform, please contact our beta test team via
All requests will be carefully reviewed – the speed of response depends on the number of registrations.

Number of participants is limited

We have a limited number of users who can test our platform in the beta phase. If this number has already been reached, you will be informed accordingly via a message. It is not excluded that places will become available if current testers end their participation or the development team releases places for further users.

What is expected from me?

As a qualified beta tester you have the opportunity to test our new platform free of charge before the official launch date. The platform is not yet 100% complete and may still have bugs. Therefore we need your help.

You should already have a basic knowledge of vulnerability management and basic technical know-how about IT security.

Please work with the platform and observe everything you notice. Based on your commitment and qualified feedback we want to improve the platform and appropriate handling, increase performance, eliminate graphical errors, optimize capacities and simplify usability.

For this purpose we will talk to you personally at regular intervals.

How to provide feedback

  • Please send an e-mail with clearly formulated questions to the following address:
  • In regular telephone calls we will go through your questions and suggestions with you.