Greenbone Security Manager MAVEN

GSM MAVEN is a virtual ad-hoc solution for smallest IT infrastructures and small businesses that occasionally need a simple tool to scan their infrastructure.

  • Turnkey solution: operational within 10 minutes
  • No limit on the number of target systems


The 1 year subscription includes a combination of feed updates, regular maintenance updates and security fixes. This means that by using an active key, you are protected at all times and have full access to the Greenbone Base Support during this time.
An upgrade to a higher GOS release than available at the time of purchase is not possible.
A detailed description can be found below in the graphic MAVEN Support Schedule.

Security Feed for 1 year
Base Support via e-mail

Your Advantages

  • Integrated Greenbone Security Feed, automatically updated daily
  • Integrated snapshot and GOS upgrade
  • Coverage of up to 300 IP addresses within 24 hours (actually achievable number depends on scan pattern and scan targets)

Web Interface (HTTPS)

  • Management of scan tasks with notes and false positive messages
  • Support for multi-user operation
  • Reports with filtering, sorting, notes and risk scoring
  • Plugin frameworks for reports, e.g., XML and PDF
  • Appliance performance overview
System Environment

Features of the VM

  • 64-Bit version Linux OS
  • 2 vCPU cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 16 GB HDD
  • 1 virtual Ethernet port

Virtual Appliance Format
The OVA file can be imported into the following virtual environment:

  • Oracle VirtualBox
MAVEN Support Schedule





GSM-MAVEN-DataSheet-20201014en         GSM-Base-Support-20190424en