Greenbone Security Manager MAVEN

GSM MAVEN is the virtual solution for the smallest IT infrastructures and small businesses that occasionally need a simple tool to scan their infrastructure.

  • Turnkey solution: Commissioning within 10 minutes
  • Integrated Greenbone Security Assistant as central web interface
  • Includes full API capabilities
  • Multi-user capable
Scope of delivery

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Virtual Appliance

Base Email Support



  • Integrated update
  • Integrated API
    • All user actions of the web-based interface available
    • Easy integration with other applications
  • Coverage of up to 300 IPs within 24 hours

Web based interface (HTTPS)

  • Management of scan tasks with notes and false positive markings
  • Support for multi-user operation
  • Report review with filtering, sorting, notes and risk classification
  • Plugin framework for reports: XML, PDF, …
  • Performance overview of the appliance
System Environment

Host environment requirements:

Support for at least:

  • CPU cores: 2
  • RAM: 4 GByte
  • HDD: 16 GByte

VM equipment:

  • 64bit Linux OS
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4 GByte RAM
  • 16 Gbyte HDD
  • 1 virtual Ethernet Port

Virtual Appliance Format:
The OVA can be imported into the following virtual environments:

  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Player

The recommended environment is Oracle VirtualBox.





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