Greenbone Cloud Services

Minimize risks from cyber threats and business disruptions with the scalable performance of the Greenbone Cloud Services.

Ready to Go, Actionable Results

The combination of Greenbone’s unique scanning technology and the highly qualified service of our vMSPs (virtual Managed Service Providers) offers you the all inclusive package.

GCS is perfect for both centrally managed networks and distributed environments that require high scalability. The platform is ready to run without any local components and can be set up within minutes. The results can be used directly to improve your own digital resilience.

You can find more information in our data sheet.

How It Works: High-Quality Vulnerability Management as a Service

The Cloud Services provide a solution that allows you to detect vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure in just a few steps without installing virtual or physical appliances, and provides reporting instructions on how to remediate them.

Scan requests are forwarded to the
Greenbone Scan Cluster (GSC) via the cloud.

The Greenbone Scan Cluster performs scans for external targets (public IP addresses, e.g., WWW servers, e-mail servers, etc.) or internal targets via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

After execution, the scan results are transferred back to the cloud and made available on the platform in the form of reports.

Your Benefits

No Purchase/ Administration of any Hardware

You do not need to install anything. All services and results are accessible via the web interface.

Personal Contact Person

With your trusted vMSP, you can take advantage of additional services, such as results evaluation with targeted advice on mitigating and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Easy Scaling

After implementation, you can add new areas and/or users as you need them within a few steps.

Low Operating Costs

With the GCS you have no capital expenditures, you do not need additional specialized personnel and you do not have to buy any software or program.

Up-to-Date Resources

The Greenbone scanning technology accesses over 100,000 vulnerability tests, whose actuality is checked and renewed daily.