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Osnabrück office
Greenbone Networks GmbH
Neumarkt 12
49074 Osnabrück

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Telephone Sales+49-541-760278-20
Office &
SecuritySecurity Response Team
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Technical SupportGreenbone Support Portal
PGP Key: greenbone-support-team public key
Verify keys before use via direct contact: 5C08 42C0 F0E7 F680 073B C50E 18BD 9B35 DCB5 7594
S/MIME certificate: greenbone-support-team s/mime certificate
Hildesheim office
Greenbone Networks GmbH
Hornemannstrasse 12
31137 Hildesheim
United Kingdom officeGreenbone Networks UK Ltd.
Ground Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove
London, N12 0DR
United Kingdom