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 Vulnerability Management:

Your IT infrastructure’s security is the most important thing to us.

Greenbone is the world’s most trusted provider of open source vulnerability management. Our mission is to help you identify security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited – reducing the risk and impact of cyber attacks.

Every attack needs a matching vulnerability to be successful. Our feed used by our solutions includes over 150,000 vulnerability tests. And the scope is constantly growing as we work to add more tests that identify newly discovered vulnerabilities.


> 150.000 automated vulnerability tests

99,9 % less target area due to vulnerability management

> 14 years product experience and market acceptance

> 50,000 installations worldwide

> 195 countries where our solutions are in use

9 out of 10 test customers would prefer to hold on to our solution

> 100 sales partners worldwide

15 years partnership with the BSI

Our solutions are available in three different product lines: hardware solution, virtual solution and cloud solution. You have the option to initially test the solutions free of charge as a community version or to use them directly as a professional version.

Many organizations and government agencies trust our various vulnerability management solutions.
With over 50,000 installations and more than 100 partner companies, they are used all over the world.


Businesses of all types and sizes have made Greenbone’s vulnerability management the foundation for more than 50,000 professional installation and integration projects.


Black Box? Closed source? Backdoors? Certainly not with us! Download our Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL today and test our solution. Free of charge, of course.


Our vulnerability management products identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, assess their risk potential, and recommend concrete measures for remediation.

What are the benefits of vulnerability management?

999 out of 1,000 vulnerabilities have been known for more than a year. Vulnerability management can therefore identify and eliminate these vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers. This greatly reduces the vulnerability and therefore the attack surface of the IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability management systems are fully automated and through features such as schedules and custom scan configurations, offer users the ability to create complete vulnerability management processes that constantly scan for vulnerabilities. The end result is that vulnerability management ensures more resilient systems in the long term.

For which companies is vulnerability management a useful tool?

Every company derives significant benefit from using vulnerability management, as it can be used to achieve proactive security.

Greenbone’s vulnerability management solutions are suitable for businesses and government agencies of all sizes. Solutions are available for both micro-enterprises where only a few IP addresses need to be scanned and large enterprises with many branch offices.

What kind of knowledge do I need for vulnerability management from Greenbone?

The basis for vulnerability management is the awareness regarding a potential threat and the will to fix possible vulnerabilities in the system.

The mere integration of our vulnerability management solution is comparatively easy. Nevertheless, advanced IT knowledge at admin level is an advantage.

ADN Distribution GmbH

“Greenbone is the top favorite among vulnerability management solutions for ADN, which clearly stands out from the field of competitors. I value the cooperation very much. We speak the same language. For us as a distributor, this is an important plus.”

Hermann Ramacher, Managing Director ADN

More about ADN


As an IT distributor, service provider and technology provider, ADN Distribution GmbH is a reliable partner for more than 6,000 resellers, system houses and managed service providers in the DACH region. The company combines a future-proof portfolio of modern IT solutions from the areas of cloud services, cyber security, data center infrastructure, UCC and modern workplace.


Michael Wessel

Informationstechnologie GmbH

“The security of our customers’ IT networks is our top priority. Therefore, we appreciate the high quality and reliability of Greenbone and their products and services. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation and together we are declaring war on the vulnerability of IT systems!”

Michael Wessel, Michael Wessel Informationstechnologie

More about Michael Wessel Informationstechnologie GmbH


Michael Wessel Informationstechnologie GmbH is a multi-vendor service provider for a wide range of information technologies. They enhance the performance of companies in all industries through strategic consulting, digital solutions and professional IT services.


ALSO Deutschland GmbH

“Greenbone products are the perfect addition to our company portfolio besides reactive security tools like firewalls and convince us and our partners in quality and performance. In combination with the professional cooperation with the Greenbone team, this opens up very good sales opportunities for us in the IT market.”

Mike Rakowski, Managing Director ALSO Deutschland GmbH

More about ALSO Deutschland GmbH


ALSO is one of the leading technology providers for the ICT industry, currently operating in 29 countries in Europe and in a total of 144 countries worldwide through PaaS partners. The ALSO ecosystem comprises a total potential of around 120,000 resellers to whom we offer hardware, software and IT services from more than 700 vendors in over 1450 product categories.


JobRad GmbH

“We recently started using the Greenbone Cloud Service. The cloud-based vulnerability management tool gives us peace of mind that our sensitive data is in safe hands, fully GDPR compliant. In addition, the Greenbone Cloud Service offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability, which has been instrumental in helping my company grow. Overall, I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to improve the security of their business.”

Thomas Goch, System Engineer JobRad GmbH

More about JobRad GmbH


“We get people out on bikes.” Founded in 2008 in the cycling city of Freiburg, the company JobRad aims from the very beginning to establish the company bicycle as an equal alternative to the company car in Germany.



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Small and medium companies
Critical infrastructures
Public sectors


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Frequently Asked Questions About Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is an IT security process that aims to find vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, classify their severity and, in addition, provide a list of actions to be taken to address the vulnerabilities. The goal is to eliminate vulnerabilities so that they can no longer pose a risk.

Vulnerability management is an IT security process that focuses on finding vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, classifying their severity and additionally providing recommendations for remediation measures. The goal is to eliminate vulnerabilities so that they cannot be exploited by cyber criminals.

Both the Greenbone Enterprise Appliances and the Greenbone Cloud Service use the Greenbone Enterprise Feed. This is a collection of over 100,000 vulnerability tests (VTs). Put simply, for every known vulnerability, there is a vulnerability test that detects that exact vulnerability on the active elements of the IT infrastructure – desktops, servers, appliances, and intelligent components such as routers or VoIP devices.

The scanning service runs the tests on the network to be tested and thus detects existing vulnerabilities. These are rated according to their severity, which enables prioritization of remediation actions.

The price of our solution is always based on the environment to be scanned. Depending on whether you are interested in a virtual appliance, a physical appliance or our cloud solution, our solutions cost between a few euros per month to several hundred thousand euros.

Vulnerability management is not a one-off operation, but an ongoing process that is firmly integrated into IT security. The steps from the detection to the elimination of vulnerabilities run continuously in a constant cycle.

The duration of a scan always depends on the number of systems to be scanned or IP addresses to be scanned. Vulnerability management makes sense for any size of system, but can run for several hours as a background activity depending on the complexity of the respective scan.

Absolutely, because the systems mentioned focus on attack patterns – looking from the inside out. The goal is to ward off attacks that are actually taking place. Firewalls or similar systems therefore often only intervene once the attack has already happened.

In contrast, vulnerability management looks at the IT infrastructure from the outside in – similar to the perspective of attackers. The goal is to close vulnerabilities that could be exploited by potential attackers so that an attack does not even occur.

High-quality firewall systems may detect vulnerabilities, but unlike vulnerability management, they do not offer a solution approach for a detected vulnerability. In addition, firewalls, IDS or IPS systems also only detect vulnerabilities if the system allows it at all, and then only on the data traffic that passes through the respective security system.
Traffic that does not pass through the security system is not analyzed. If a Greenbone solution is in the network, every component that can be reached via an IP connection can also be checked for vulnerabilities, regardless of which device it is. This therefore also applies, for example, to industrial components, robots or production facilities.

A combination of both vulnerability management and firewall & co. is the best solution. With vulnerability management, other systems can be focused specifically on hotspots.

Patch management involves updating systems, applications and products to eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management is used to find, classify and prioritize existing vulnerabilities and recommend measures to eliminate them. Such a measure can be a patch, for example.

Patch management thus presupposes vulnerability management. After all, it only makes sense to patch if existing vulnerabilities are known.

In addition, patch management usually only works in IT components, but not in industrial plants and control systems, for example.

Furthermore, a patch management system requires extensive and controlling admin intervention, since not every patch is useful or uncritical for the respective system. Often, new patches also bring new vulnerabilities that a patch management system does not detect.

Patch management is a useful complement to vulnerability management an, as these systems can in turn automate patching. Under certain circumstances, our vulnerability management can also provide information directly to a patch management system, so that patching can be performed directly on the basis of security-critical assessments.

Yes, even with regular updates and patches, vulnerability management makes sense.

For example, system dependencies often do not allow an up-to-date patch. Possible reasons for this could be that special business-critical applications could lose their certification as a result or functions could be impaired.

In addition, there is not a patch for every vulnerability, or updates repeatedly create new vulnerabilities themselves. These are often not detected if no vulnerability management system is in use, which automatically checks all components again and again.

Furthermore, even a software version with current updates cannot rule out misconfigurations that lead to vulnerabilities. Classic examples of this are an administrator password “12345678” or file system shares with accidental Internet opening.

Another disadvantage for OT components is that updates cannot be automated in most cases.

Yes, continuous vulnerability management combined with patch management will gradually result in a much more resilient environment.

The biggest challenge is the initial setup and integration into the networks. But even this is possible for all our solutions within a very short time. In addition, you will receive support from Greenbone at any time.

Since it is recommended to work with different scan plans, a comprehensive asset management is required in advance of the vulnerability management to distinguish critical from less critical assets.

These days, all companies, no matter how large they are or what industry they belong to, are increasingly the focus of attackers. The most important prerequisite for vulnerability management is that those responsible in the company are aware of this fact and are willing to take appropriate preventive measures.

It is also important that you, as a potential customer, inform yourself in detail in advance: Have the performance of the solution shown to you in a test and inform yourself extensively about the acquisition and all running costs. Further technical requirements are not necessary, as the mere integration is very simple.