Greenbone Security Manager CENO

GSM CENO is our solution for small to medium enterprise IT or medium branch offices.

  • Turnkey solution: simple and uncomplicated setup within shortest time
  • No limit on the number of target systems
  • Flatrate subscription includes Greenbone Security Feed, feature updates and support
Security Feed for 1, 3 or 5 years
Installation & Services

Your Advantages

  • Integrated Greenbone Security Feed, automatically updated daily
  • Integrated snapshot and GOS upgrade
  • Powerful appliance operating system Greenbone OS with SSH, GMP, HTTPS
  • Coverage of up to 500 IP addresses within 24 hours (actually achievable number depends on scan pattern and scan targets)

Web Interface (HTTPS)

  • Management of scan tasks with notes and false positive messages
  • Support for multi-user operation
  • Clustering and distributed scanning via master-sensor setup
  • Reports with filtering, sorting, notes and risk scoring
  • Plugin frameworks for reports, e.g., XML and PDF
  • Appliance performance overview