The Greenbone Security Manager as a Virtual Solution

The Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) is an appliance for vulnerability scanning and management.

It is offered in various performance levels and basically supports an unlimited number of target systems. The actually achievable number depends on the scan pattern and scan targets.

For finding the right model for your purpose, we provide reference values for the number of target IP addresses below, assuming a common scenario with a scan every 24 hours.

Please choose the suitable device based on your network size and your scanning frequency. Our experts and partners would gladly help you with the sizing.

As a virtual appliance, the GSM is available in three different classes and as a sensor – starting with the entry level solution GSM ONE to the GSM CENO for small and medium-sized enterprises up to the midrange solutions with the GSM  DECA, GSM PETA, GSM TERA and GSM EXA.

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Midrange Solutions

SME Solution

Entry Level