Vulnerability Management for
Managed Service Providers

Increase Profits – Reduce Costs

The Greenbone Cloud Services offer a solution for network infrastructures to be sustainably protected against cyber attacks without requiring the installation of virtual or physical appliances.

Why become a Greenbone Partner?

Flexible Prices

The Greenbone Cloud Services give you the freedom to stay agile in any situation.

The monthly licensing is dynamic and cost-effective.

Simple and Everything in View

Manage your customers directly and independently via your own interface. With our clearly structured partner interface, we take Managed Security literally and give you full control over your business.

Secure Data

The platform is operated exclusively in German data centers, so compliance with the GDPR is fulfilled.

We guarantee the legally compliant security of your data according to German standards.

Integration and Automation

The solution integrates seamlessly into your business and systems.

Our broad export function and an open API interface give you all the options you need to carry out cross-system security processes.

First Class Support

As a Greenbone partner, you benefit from our first-class support and training services for sales and technology.

In addition, you will receive marketing support to help you win new customers.

Vulnerability Management

Secure protection for your customers – made in Germany.

Become part of our success story!

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Manage all customers and solutions from a central console.