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The Path To Cyber Resilience

How to become cyber resilient In a world of growing digital complexity, and as technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives, hackers and cybercriminals have sought to take advantage of the situation, aggressively going after new vulnerabilities and flaws that have arisen out of this widening sphere of technological adoption. The likes of Advanced […]

The (hi)story of a data leak

It’s four months since Bayerischer Rundfunk and ProPublica ran reports on our research, which revealed that vast numbers of Picture Archiving & Communication Systems (PACS) – which are widely used by health providers to share and store medical scans – were leaking confidential patient data. During the last days we sent faxes (haven’t used fax […]

The „Good“, the „Bad“, and the “Ugly” – the amount of confidential patient data accessible on the internet is still rising

60 days later, the overall status of unprotected PACS system around the globe isn’t getting better. The situation is the US seems to be an unstoppable information security and data privacy desaster. 1.19 billion images That is the number of images associated with all the unprotected medical studies we found in our review of the […]

Confidential patient data accessible on the internet – a massive global data leak waiting to happen

Medical systems and processes in the healthcare sector are becoming increasingly digital. Medical providers and hospitals – like all other industries – are using internet technologies to speed up and improve the quality of the patient care they provide. Our new analysis of medical image archiving systems being used across the globe shows that this […]

Are cyber weapons worth it?

Are cyber weapons worth it? A look at the economics of hacking back On 12 May 2017, WannaCry was released into the wild and an epic story began to unfold. Spawned from a cyber weapon that had been lost by a government agency, WannaCry was a major wake up call for industries around the globe, […]

Dates fixed for new Greenbone OS releases

New OS versions to be released on April 30th and October 31st every year In 2019, we will be switching to a new release scheme for updated versions of the Greenbone OS – the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) operating system – with fixed release dates every year, giving our customers, partners, and the Greenbone development […]

Serious vulnerability discovered in D-Link routers

Serious vulnerability discovered in D-Link routers UPDATE: patch available for users on D-Link support pages In November 2018, Greenbone discovered a serious security vulnerability in D-Link routers and drew the company’s attention to it. The vulnerability is easy for hackers to exploit and allows unauthorised access to networks. There is now a patch available from […]

EU directive: Cyber-resilience of critical national infrastructure now fundamental to UK security and excellence

The EU directive on the security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) was approved in August 2016, giving member states 21 months to embed the directive into their respective national laws. The directive became UK law in May this year and all organizations deemed ‘Operators of Essential Services’ (OES) must have complied and will do so […]