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Dates fixed for new Greenbone OS releases

New OS versions to be released on April 30th and October 31st every year In 2019, we will be switching to a new release scheme for updated versions of the Greenbone OS – the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) operating system – with fixed release dates every year, giving our customers, partners, and the Greenbone development […]

Serious vulnerability discovered in D-Link routers

Serious vulnerability discovered in D-Link routers UPDATE: patch available for users on D-Link support pages In November 2018, Greenbone discovered a serious security vulnerability in D-Link routers and drew the company’s attention to it. The vulnerability is easy for hackers to exploit and allows unauthorised access to networks. There is now a patch available from […]

EU directive: Cyber-resilience of critical national infrastructure now fundamental to UK security and excellence

The EU directive on the security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) was approved in August 2016, giving member states 21 months to embed the directive into their respective national laws. The directive became UK law in May this year and all organizations deemed ‘Operators of Essential Services’ (OES) must have complied and will do so […]


US Cloud Act endangers IT Security

In March of this year, the US Congress passed the so-called Cloud Act. This allows US authorities worldwide access to data from US companies – even if their servers are located in the EU. For this reason, the IT Security of companies who store data with US providers is at stake. The so-called “Cloud Act” […]


A risky business: only closing vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday

The Adobe Patch Day in August must have caused quite a stir in IT departments: 80 vulnerabilities were detected in Adobe flashplayer, Adobe acrobat and reader, as well as in the experience manager, 46 of which were deemed critical. This very clearly shows that the sporadic closure of vulnerabilities does not meet the standards of […]

WannaCry: Free vulnerability check brings clarity

Large-scale cyber attacts like WannaCry can bring on a real panic. The Greenbone Community Edition is just what you need to ease the situation: The tool is free of charge, checks the network and detects weaknesses – before malware exploits them. The worldwide ransomware attacks have affected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 […]


Garrulous Windows10

Windows 10 is transferring more data to Microsoft than those responsible for data privacy in businesses and public administration should be willing to allow. Read more about this in an article by our CTO Lukas Grunwald in today’s new iX and online at heise.de/newsticker. Our customers can check their infrastructure for talkative Windows10 installations using the new scan […]

Record fines for abdicating security obligations

TalkTalk UK fined for having failed to apply “the most basic cyber security measures”. The damage of its reputation is measured: they lost about 100,000 customers. The loss in profit is measured: it went down by 55%. The cost of the breach is estimated to be between £40 and £45 million. All that for a […]