New OS versions to be released on April 30th and October 31st every year

In 2019, we will be switching to a new release scheme for updated versions of the Greenbone OS – the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) operating system – with fixed release dates every year, giving our customers, partners, and the Greenbone development team more planning certainty.

The new fixed dates will be April 30th and October 31st each year. However, during 2019, as we transition to this new scheme, we will introduce GOS 5.0 in two staged releases, with ENTRY/SME scheduled for April 30th and MIDRANGE/ENTERPRISE/SENSOR set for June 30th. GOS 6.0 will then be released for all GSM devices in a single step in accordance with the new scheme. From 2020 onwards, the new time-based release system will apply in full.

The scheme is based on hard deadlines for new features, new GSM types and new hardware. If a feature does not make it to a release date, it will be included in the subsequent release.

OS updates tested over one-month phase in the Greenbone community

In addition, our Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM) system will undergo a one-month test phase in conjunction with each GOS release. Before the April 30th and October 31st release dates, the Source Edition will be made available on the GVM system within the Greenbone community. As a result, any bugs can be found and eliminated before our customers and partners put the new GOS into operation.

Another advantage of having two new major OS versions per year is that our customers can benefit from our latest innovations much more quickly. Users will be able to jump to new GOS versions faster, either every six months on the official release dates (our innovation cycle), or every 12 months during a three-month migration phase (May/June/July or November/December/January) when they can skip a GOS generation (a more conservative cycle).