Security Feed

The Daily Vulnerability Update

Our Greenbone Security Feed always provides you with the latest vulnerability information. With the vulnerability tests, the scanner checks all devices in your network for known and potential security issues. As a component of the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) and the Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS), it is updated daily.

Our Security Feed covers more than 100,000 vulnerability tests. Which are these? Just take a look.

  • Includes over 100,000 vulnerability tests (VTs)
  • Continuous development of tests for newly discovered vulnerabilities based on CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)
  • Daily feed updates by integrating the latest vulnerability tests
  • Every Greenbone product, no matter if GPE or GCS, automatically includes the Security Feed (except GCE)
  • Multi-stage quality assurance process for each vulnerability test we develop
  • All test routines are digitally signed
  • Distribution of data objects via the feed

Greenbone Community Feed and Greenbone Security Feed in Comparison

The Greenbone Community Feed (GCF) and the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) differ in four main areas: content, scope, quality and availability.

Features GCF GSF
Included VTs Only basic VTs All VTs
Quality Assurance (QA) Variable Consistent
Availability No promise Assured with SLA
Fixes/Improvements No promise Assured with SLA
Support Via community on voluntary basis Assured with SLA
Updates Constant/daily, but without enterprise features Constant/daily
Transfer Unencrypted Encrypted
VT Signatures Transfer integrity SLA for QA/fixes

All Vulnerability Tests (VTs) developed by Greenbone Networks are included in the professional GSF, but not in the GCF.

Hot VTs Yes Yes
VTs for Home Products Yes Yes
German “IT-Grundschutz” Yes Yes
VTs for Enterprise Products No Yes
Compliance (e.g., PCI, ISO27001) No Yes
Operational Technology (ICS/SCADA) No Yes
Signed VTs No Yes

How is the Greenbone Security Feed developed?

Security messages can have different sources: security communities, technology partners, customer feedback, our own Greenbone labs and many more.

Each security message automatically generates a ticket in our VT management system. The ticket is screened in the Greenbone labs and subjected to further investigation. After implementation and quality assurance, the ticket is released into the feed service.

We also subject VTs that our technology partners or security communities have already fully implemented to similar testing phases – because quality is our top priority.