The Confluence of Open Source and Cybersecurity in companies: Insights from Greenbone at #OSXP2023 in Paris

International panel discussion on effective cybersecurity at #OSXP2023

At the esteemed #OSXP2023 event, that took place in Paris, our participation in the “Cybersécurité et open source” roundtable brought forward critical discussions on improving cybersecurity in companies. The panel, including distinguished experts from the academic and governmental sectors, delved into strategies and points of vigilance essential for robust cybersecurity.

1. The Mindset of Security

Security by Design: A Leadership Commitment

  • The panel emphasized the importance of incorporating security from the initial stages of development. This approach requires a commitment from the top management to prioritize security in all business operations.

A Mentality Focused on Secure and Protected Solutions

  • Companies must cultivate a culture where security is an integral part of the thinking process, aiming to deliver solutions that are inherently secure and protected.

2. Implementing Key Processes

Adherence to Standards and Automation

  • The importance of adhering to established cybersecurity standards was underscored, with a recommendation to automate processes wherever possible to ensure consistency and efficiency.

No Deployment Without Security Compliance

  • It was strongly advised that no deployments or actions should proceed without meeting the necessary security requirements.

3. Resources: Empowering Teams and Enhancing Vigilance

Dedicated Security Teams and Training

  • Having specialized security teams and conducting regular training sessions were identified as crucial for maintaining a high level of security awareness and preparedness.

Vigilance as a Continuous Effort

  • Continuous vigilance was highlighted as a key resource, ensuring that security measures are always up-to-date and effective.

4. Essential Tools and Technologies

Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Implementing MFA as a compulsory measure we recommend enhancing account security significantly.

Vulnerability Scanners and Dependance Management

  • Utilizing vulnerability scanners and managing dependencies and configurations were suggested as vital tools. While platforms like GitHub Enterprise may be costly, they offer comprehensive solutions for these needs.

Conclusion: Education, Awareness, and the Use of Open-Source Tools

In conclusion, the panel at #OSXP2023, including our expert Corentin Bardin, a cyber security specialist and pen tester, highlighted the importance of continuous education and staying updated in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. They advocated for the use of open-source tools to bolster security measures.

The key takeaway from the discussion is the commitment to offering secure services. It’s not just about the tools and processes; it’s about the mindset and ongoing effort to stay vigilant and informed.