The Greenbone Security Manager at Work

Greenbone live demo: Test our vulnerability management solution. Our live demonstrator consists of a Greenbone Security Manager and a series of target systems exhibiting various vulnerabilities.

Log-on to our livedemo and try out the Greenbone Security Manager: Username: livedemo / Password: livedemo

Please be aware of some basic information before you start:

  • The live demo offers extended rights and example data for scans and other configurations, in comparision to the secinfo portal.
  • If you would like to actively scan, you can download the GCE or require free testing for an unlimited appliance.
  • You will share the same live demo system with other users. Thus, performance might vary depending on the number of concurrent users.
  • The live demo is running GSM in a virtual machine, not on the actual GSM appliance hardware. Therefore, the performance overview shows fewer CPUs, less disk space and fewer interfaces.
  • The live demo offers access to the web client interface. The command line console interface is not accessible.
  • Any activity is monitored and logged.