Greenbone Networks GmbH is now Greenbone AG

Osnabrück, March 8, 2023 – Our transformation from Greenbone Networks GmbH into the Greenbone AG was completed today by entry into the commercial register (HR B 218768) and is thus effective.

We have taken the next big step and become an AG. Why did we take this step? Our former managing director and also new CEO, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner, explains it like this:

“The conversion to a stock corporation is a pioneering step into the future for us. It is the result of the strong and self-financed growth of the past years into an established and industry-leading medium-sized company. With this step, we are simplifying the further development and expansion of our business relationships at home and abroad.”

Our board consists of two people, the second is Elmar Geese, who is already responsible for Greenbone’s marketing today:

“With our products for intelligent vulnerability management, we have the potential to evolve from a market leader in the open source sector to an even much stronger player. With our new positioning, and also with new products, we want to take this next big step.”

Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner, CEO und Mitbegründer von Greenbone

Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner, CEO

Elmar Geese, CIO und CMO

Elmar Geese, CMO/CIO

About Greenbone AG

Greenbone products identify security gaps, assess their risk potential and recommend measures for remediation. In this way, vulnerabilities are uncovered before they can cause damage.
Further information about Greenbone, its products, the topic of cyber security, and current vulnerabilities can be found here.

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