The Solution for IT Security in Your Organization

The fact that 999 of 1,000 successfully exploited vulnerabilities are known for more than one year can have a positive impact on the attack surface of your IT infrastructure.

Our vulnerability management solutions identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, evaluate their risk potential and  recommend measures for their elimination. The aim is to prevent attacks using focused precautions. Thus, our solutions are the perfect addition to reactive security tools like firewalls.

The Greenbone Solution Adapts to Your Needs

The Greenbone Professional Edition

The Greenbone Professional Edition (GPE) is an – in physical or virtual form available – appliance for the vulnerability management of IT infrastructures.

It consists of the Greenbone Operating System (GOS) on which the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) is installed, a scan service, the web interface and, in case of a physical appliance, a special hardware. The scan service uses Vulnerability Tests (VTs) to detect existing vulnerabilities on the inspected network.

The found vulnerabilities are evaluated based on their severity which enables the setting of priorities for eliminating the vulnerabilities.

The GPE is flexible in use and can be utilized for special audits and trainings as well as for small and medium companies up to large enterprises. Due to the master-sensor technology, the GPE can also be deployed in high-security sectors via Airgap.

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The Greenbone Cloud Services

The Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS) offer a technically high-quality, easy to use service for everything connected with vulnerability management.

The GCS check your IT infrastructure for security gaps in only a few steps and then deliver a report containing all found vulnerabilities, sorted by severity.

For this, the GCS provide predefined bundles for companies of different sizes to scan 10 – 100 external IP addresses per month and/or 50 – 100,000 internal IP addresses per month.

Micro-businesses with a high security requirement can use the GCS in self-service as well as large and medium-sized enterprises or cities and communities.

Users log in using their access data and are able to work with the GCS independent of their location. While doing so, both public IP services (WWW server, e-mail server, etc.) and internal networks can be scanned. The packets are structured as subscriptions and can be terminated or edited on a monthly basis.

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